Ph.D. in law, University of Dundee, United Kingdom, 1993.* MSc. in law, University of Dundee, United Kingdom,1990.* Bachelor degree, King Saud University,1980.* Diploma, law studies, Institute of Public Administration, 1982


Member, Majlis Asshura since 28-2-2009.* Legal researcher, Cabinet Presidency, 1982-1984.* Assistant professor, international law, Institute of Diplomatic Studies.* Coorporater with law department – King Saud University to teach the international law, 1995 – 1997.* Loner for the private sector, 2001 – 2008 where he has given legal consultations to many national and foreign companies as well as preparing legal memorandums on many trading issues and constructional contracts.

Conferences And Symposia

The International Conference for international law, Doha , 22-25 MARCH 1995.* He was among the delegation of the Kingdom to the meetings of the Afro Asian legal consultative committee, Qatar 17-22 APRIL 1995.* A symposium titled "the right to have a fear trial" Hamburg, Germany, from 31 JANUARY to 3 FABUARY 1996.* A symposium titled "energy and limits", UK, 18-19 JULY 1996.* A symposium titled "international commercial arbitration", UK 13-18 JULY 1996.* A symposium titled "globalization", Morocco, 15-18 AUGUST 1998.* A symposium titled "rules and money of the international trade", Bahrain 12-13 MAY 1998.* The Arabic Water Security Conference, Cairo 21-23 FEBROARY 2000.* Islamic financing symposium, UK, JULY 2007


Research and Publications

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the human rights issue, a study published in the book " the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia in 100 years 1998".* Applying the rules of foreign arbitration in Saudi Arabia, the diplomatic studies magazine, issue No.14, 1999.* The right to have fare trial in Saudi Arabia, a study published in the book " the right to have fare trial in the Arab Countries", Human Rights Institute, Tunisia, 2002.* The role of the international arbitration in the foreign investment dispute resolution, a paper presented in the foreign investment conference in Saudi Arabia, Institute of Diplomatic Studies.* Encouraging and protecting foreign investment in the foreign capital investment law, economic and legal research magazine, Law Faculty , Mansoura University, Egypt, April, 2004.* The legal Protection of Foreign Investment in Saudi Arabia, Dar Alandalus, 2000.* The Attachment of Assets in Saudi Arabia, published in "Attachment of Assets", Lawrence Newman (ed), Juris Publishing, 2001.* The Development of Contractual Relationship between Saudi Arabia and Aramco", Energy and Natural Resources Law Journal, N. 9, 1994.* The Settlement of Foreign Investment Dispute by means of Arbitration in Saudi Arabia, 12 Arab Law Quarterly Journal, 1994.