The Committee on Health Affairs in Shura Council discusses a proposal for a medical evacuation law, with the participation of representatives from ministries and government agencies.

25 جمادى الآخرة الموافق 7 فبراير 2021 م

The Committee on Health Affairs - one of the specialized committees - of the Shura Council held a meeting (via visual communication).* The meeting was headed by a member of the council, the chairman of the committee, Dr.* Zainab Abu Talib.* Members of the committee who are members of the council participated in this meeting .* The meeting also included representatives from several ministries and government agencies such as, the Ministry of National Guard, the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Health, and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.*The chairman of the committee, Dr.* Zainab Abu Talib, explained that the committee , during its meeting , discussed the proposal for a medical evacuation law based on Article (23) of the Council's Law which was referred to the committee for study, indicating that the proposed draft regulation aims to create a regulation that organizes medical evacuations in the Kingdom; To keep pace with developments in the health sector, and in line with the Kingdom's expectations for providing means that achieve the comfort and well-being of the citizen in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision.*The meeting reviewed the importance of a clear law for medical evacuation services and a specific reference that organizes the process of this important sector, similar to many countries in the world that provide medical evacuation services for the health sector without referring to other parties in light of the presence of procedures that may take some time, endangering the lives of patients.*