The Committee on Educational Affairs and Scientific Research at the Shura Council meets with officials of the Ministry of Education to Study the Continuing Education Draft Law

27 جمادى الأخرة 1442هـ الموافق 09 فبراير 2021م

The Committee on Educational Affairs and Scientific Research in the Shura Council held a meeting (via visual communication), headed by the Chairman of the Committee, Dr.* Nasser bin Ali Al-Musa, with the presence of members of the Committee, and a number of officials from the Ministry of Education.*The Chairman of the Committee, Dr.* Nasser Al-Mousa indicated that the Committee discussed during its meeting a proposal for a Continuing Education Draft Law submitted by a number of members in accordance with Article (23) of the Council’s Law, which states that the Shura Council proposes a new draft law, or a proposal to amend an enforceable law, and study it in the Council.* Also, the discussion included studying the Committee's opinion on the proposed draft law and listening to specialists in this field before submitting it to the Council for discussion at one of its next sessions.*The Committee Chairman revealed that the proposed draft law aims to provide adequate education opportunities for all members of society, and to provide the necessary resources to achieve this, explaining that its importance lies in continuing the advanced role that the Kingdom has played in the field of adult education and literacy since the Hijri Seventies, which led to a significant and noticeable reduction in the rate of illiteracy in the Saudi society, which made the Kingdom win many international prizes that are a testament to the successes achieved in this field.