Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Inaugurates Shura Council's 3rd Year of 7th Session

The Speaker of Shura Council Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh delivered a speech in which he welcomed the King, HRH Crown Prince and attendees.

He said, ''Welcome to the Shura Council which will be honored by the Royal Speech at the commencement of a new year for Shura Council, the third year of the seventh session of the Council, to be added to the Shura Council's march, the title of a principle of deep-rooted principles being pursued by our dear country''. He added this blessed country is living a glorious era, thanks to Allah Almighty and your leadership, this era has witnessed great strides and ambitious plans aimed at the advancement of the homeland and achievement of more decent life for its citizens. He highlighted the Council's pride in efforts being exerted by the leadership in uniting Arab ranks and enhancing the Islamic solidarity to achieve and maintain peace in the region and the world.

The Speaker of Shura Council further said in his speech that at the end of each year of activities of the Shura Council, this honor comes with the commencement of the new year to serve as an impetus for the Shura Council towards further works to achieve its tasks in light of an unlimited support of the King and HRH Crown Prince, believing in the message of the Shura Council and its national role in the march of development, construction and progress.

He renewed his thanks to the King and HRH Crown Prince for their support and attention being accorded to the Shura Council.