Agenda of the Majlis’ 25th Ordinary Session Monday
Eighth Term - First Year

Subject Article
First Approving the minutes of the 24th regular session of the council.
Second Report of the committee on Finance regarding the draft joint customs cooperation agreement between the General Authority of Customs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Customs Affairs for the mutual recognition of the economic operator program approved by each of them.
Third The point view of the committee on Transport, Communications and Information Technology regarding the member's opinions on the postal law project.
Fourth Report of the committee on Social Affairs, Family and Youth regarding the draft system for the rights and care of the elderly
Fifth Report of the committee on Administration and Human Resources regarding the amendment of Article (25) of the civil pension law, and Article (23) of the military pension law.
Sixth Report of the committee on Islamic and Judicial Affairs regarding the annual report of the General Presidency of Islamic Research and Ifta for the fiscal year 2019-2020.
Seventh Open to any new issues to discuss