About the Division

The Parliamentarian Diplomacy has had a significant impact in formulation and implementation of the foreign policy for any state in the 21st century, as it is one of the modern means that allowed to practice foreign activities and participate in achieving foreign policy goals in a manner different from traditional diplomacy, where Parliamentarian Diplomacy is characterized by flexibility that enable it to have dialogue and negotiations with parliamentary, political and diplomatic councils and persons away from the spotlight and media pressure, making the space for dialogue between parliamentarians longer, frank, clear and influential.

To activate this role, the Inter-Parliamentary Unit in Shura Council was established on 10 November 2001. Through this unit, Shura Council Plays a vital role to maintain and enhance relations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with brotherly and friendly countries through its membership in several parliamentary unions and assemblies, Arab, Islamic and international, and through parliamentary friendship committees with number of brotherly and friendly countries of great importance to the Kingdom.

Objectives of the Inter-Parliamentary Unit:

  1. Supporting the Kingdom's issues and interests in the regional and international forums.
  2. Activating parliamentary diplomacy within international parliaments and councils.
  3. Activating parliamentary diplomacy with diplomatic entities and personalities.
  4. Organizing the Shura Council's membership and participations in the international parliamentary unions and their sub-committees and entities.
  5. Exchange of parliamentary expertise and experience with the parliaments of brotherly and friendly countries.

Means of Parliamentary Diplomacy:

  1. Participation in the meetings of the Gulf, Arab, continental and international parliamentary unions.
  2. Forming friendship groups among the members of the Inter-parliamentary Unit in the council with brotherly and friendly councils and parliaments.
  3. Activating mutual visits with brotherly and friendly councils and parliaments.
  4. Meeting with diplomatic delegations visiting the Kingdom and exchanging opinions with them on issues of common interests.