1st Term 1st Year, 1414 - 1415 A.H.

The speech of the King of Saudi Arabia 1414A.H.-1415A.H.

Dear brothers:

This day is considered as one of the best days to remember. We are happy that when your country aimed to reach what every citizen in this country look forward to, of regulations that do not contradict with the teachings of our religion, it has found among our citizens those who are qualified and capable in all fields, politically, socially, religiously, or even scientifically.

When the number of the members of the National Shura Council was determined, someone asked me how I determined that number? I answered by asking: why did not rather you ask me on what basis I chose them, provided that, in our country all people are equal.

Regarding the various matters which the nation needs, there are many professional people, who are working in the state, universities, in other public facilities or among the citizens who conducted many great works to develop the country. Therefore, human energies are available, and that is a plus in its right. In the past there were many professional people, and this is the truth. We all know what the available capabilities of our people were thirty years ago. There are professional people conducting other works, whether in the political, industrial, agricultural or technological field. We also remember how it was when Saudi Arabia was formed, and when the Ministry of Education was established among other ministries.

The progress which the Kingdom has achieved in the educational field is remarkable on both public and private sectors. This is an indicator that the Saudi energies have full aptitude and that they are open to accept all what is useful.

I am well aware that you will do your best to benefit your country; so are the government and your citizens also. I also believe that organization is essential for the status of the Kingdom, since our Kingdom is founded upon the Islamic faith and rejects everything that does not abide by its rules.

Because Islam is a comprehensive way of life, we are following the rightist guidance. We do not listen or care to whoever objects or asks why there are no elections. Elections, as we know, exist all over the world. However, our Islamic country relies first and foremost on the two accredited sources of law and legislation: the Holy Quran and the Authentic Ways of the Prophet; add to them the actions of the rightly guided caliphs.

We are independent, and we do not object or interfere on the affairs of others. At the same time, we do not allow anyone to interfere on the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia. We will adhere to the Holy Quran and the Authentic Sunnah. We will not deviate from them whatsoever, although mistakes naturally occur for no one is infallible.

At the same time, I would like to inform you that the number of the elected members of the Council is not fixed. This organization existed in the past, but perhaps it did not meet what was expected from it. Today however, this council will certainly lead the nation to the highest levels, and it will regain its due confidence, respect and appreciation.

End of Speech

The speech of the Speaker of Shura Council Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim bin Jubair:

Dear brothers:

On a day like today, more than sixty years ago, the founder of Saudi Arabia, the late, King Abdulaziz, delivered a speech before the National Shura Council where he said: we have to follow what is being stated in the Holy Quraan and the Authentic Sunnah. Then, he said: if there was no benefit for Shura, except for the implementation of Sunnah, and the removal of the heresy it would be enough.

Dear brothers:

The King of Saudi Arabia, the leader and the planner of our administrative, educational and economic developments, reassure this commendable move, and follows the steps of his late father. He will deliver a royal speech inaugurating the agenda of the Shura Council in its new form, after updating and developing it, and selecting highly qualified members in all fields, assuring the sincere desire to benefit from their capabilities. Now, I would like to welcome His Majesty to deliver his royal speech".

The King of Saudi Arabia:

We are pleased to inaugurate the National Shura Council in its new form. King Abdull Aziz promoted virtue and prevented vice, ruled according to Islamic creed, served justice , forgave, appreciated science and scholars , implemented the Islamic laws and adopted Shura ( consultation) to govern and to run the country.

Today, as we carry out this approach, we will instill the Shura concepts on clear basis depending on our profound concept of Islam.

Dear Brothers,

We previously issued the basic rule of governing and the law of provinces on 27/08/1412. We reminded you again brothers of our past speech in which we declared the laws to emphasize our desire to continue practicing in our strong Islamic faith in achieving the welfare, prosperity and development for this country and its citizens.

It is well known dear brothers that the ruling system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its establishment, as we said, has relied on the principle of Shura where rulers consult scholars and experts.

Today, we are pleased to inaugurate the Shura Council in its new form. We entrust its responsibility to the elite among the citizens who are of high qualifications and competence.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a unique and a distinguished status in its apparatuses and regulations at an Islamic level. Our laws are derived from our religion. We have full confidence that this Council will be a support to the state to realize and achieve what is for the good of its citizen.

Since we are still enjoying security and stability, we may begin to reform, develop, and construct in the right direction. The resources with which our country is gifted have been used for the benefit of the citizens, the country and the two holy mosques. Moreover, our top priority is the service of the Muslim pilgrims.

Dear brothers,

I welcome you and express my sincere hopes that the National Shura Council succeeds in its mission today to serve our religion and our dear country. I also wish success to other sub-councils of kingdom provinces.

The King of Saudi Arabia extemporized the following speech:

Dear brothers I am proud to say that our Shura Council and the sub-councils of our country are run by youths. We all realize that no matter how hard we work and how many duties and tasks we carry out, it is still not enough. Your Shura Council and the other councils are to serve in this context. We are fortunate that this country was and is still ruling by Islam and by the prophet's Sunnah which are both comprehensive in the moral aspects. I wish you all success. I am prepared anytime to come here to discuss all issues.

Finally, I personally, and on behalf of the Crown Prince and the Cabinet, give you my greetings and wish you success. Thank you.