1st Term 3rd Year, 1416 - 1417 A.H.

Statement of the crown prince, Prince Abdulla bin AbdulAziz on behalf of the King of Saudi Arabia:

Dear brothers:

I have reviewed the statements the King Fahad had formerly delivered in this Council. They in fact covered our internal and external policy, our Arabic, Islamic, and international relationships, as well as the codes of consultation in Islam, not to mention the history of this nation and its founder: King Abdul Aziz. Thus I hope that we take these statements into consideration and follow them. And thus I also encourage your honesty and remind you that it is part of your responsibility and liability.

On this occasion I would like to respond to the many questions raised about the nature of this Council: consultation in Islam is only given to honest and reliable people with trustworthy opinions and insights. This is what we understand and look forward in order to avoid mistakes in an age marked by radical political, economical, security, and media changes. I would like to ask you hence not to hesitate in yielding advice and consultation for King Fahd once said, “Our doors are always open to all citizens and people of needs.”