4th Term 2nd Year, 1427 - 1428 A.H.

The statement of King Abdulla Ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud, delivered before members of the National Shura Council, in the inauguration of the works of the second year of forth session.

Dear members of the National Shura Council of KSA,

Our Islamic creed requires that we spread justice among people, regardless of how strong or weak they are. It invites us to restore rights, and to fulfill the demand of everybody since all people are equal.

Islam emphasizes brotherhood among believers. We should consolidate the ties of this brotherhood with the hope that Arabs and Muslims would unify their words and attitudes, and that they would hold again the position of leadership of humanity and civilization.

Ties of language, history, and destiny connect us all Arabs. We would always be careful to adopt their just issues, and defend their legitimate rights, especially those of Palestinians’. Our dignity in this age could only be achieved by power while power could only be achieved by unity.

We are part of the international community. We affect it and are affected by it. We would maintain the ties of friendship and cooperation with everybody, and we will promote peace. We are aware that prosperity all round the world is one unit. Therefore, we would continue our moderate policy in producing and pricing oil and in protecting international economy from disturbance.

We can achieve people’s welfare via comprehensive development, which we would seek to complete by pursuing the goodness and happiness of citizens, hoping to secure them the causes of dwelling, working, education, therapy and other services and facilitations. We would fight poverty and take care of regions that are behind development in accordance with examined developmental plan.

We can’t maintain our stability while the whole world is changing around us. Thus we would go on in the process of development, we would enhance national dialogue, we would liberate economy, we would fight corruption, we would raise the competence of governmental work, and we would recourse to efforts of all loyal male and female workers. All this is to be realized within the frame of Islamic legitimacy.

You know that development could only be achieved in a safe and a secure atmosphere. That’s why we revive our intention to combat terrorism, to fight expiatory ideologies with the aid of the soundest policy. This country has no room for extremism. Our nation is modest and with no excess or negligence.

You were the best to help us in development through the discreet opinions you offered and the wise regulations you suggested.

I now address every male and female citizen: I knew you during the previous years as you knew me. You have always been loyal and honest. You would find me as loyal and as faithful to my religion, to my country, and to you. I would be among you to raise the banner of Islam, and the pride of country.