The following is the text of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques speech to the opening of the third year of the sixth session of the Shura Council, delivered on his behalf by the Crown Prince:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.
Dear brothers and sisters, members of the Shura Council:
Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you:
At the beginning of this annual meeting, which brings us to this elite kind of sons and daughters of this country, I am pleased to present to you our thanks for the work of the Council, and what decisions, have contributed to the rationalization of options and decisions of the Government, as required by the national interest.

Efforts of the founder of this State have been of this great entity, which became the responsibility of all Government and its people to keep the achievements and prestige among Nations and to his message, the message derived from the values of Islam, and the desire for dialogue and interaction with other Nations to achieve common goals.

The Council in its composition reflects the unity of the nation, and its participation in decision-making, you are opinion leaders who the State rely on in shaping the present and future of the motherland, and this gives you a great responsibility in addressing the challenges facing the country, and in national development in various dimensions, to achieve the aspirations of the citizens. Your country lives in a zone of many crises, which have produced significant challenges, thanks to Allah and then to the cooperation of your Council, and the combined efforts of your government we were able to deal with these crises, and to respond to these challenges, making your country an oasis in a troubled surroundings.

Today-as you know-your country is facing unprecedented regional challenges due to the neighboring or near States severe crises hit reality, and pushed them into civil wars and ethnic conflicts, which requires our vigilance and caution. I assure you that your leadership is aware of these challenges and their implications, and with Allah help and grace, will keep your country blessed with many graces and foremost security and stability.

You are aware of what happens in the international oil market of current developments, caused by several factors, notably the weakness of growth in the world economy. These developments are not new in the oil market, the Government has dealt with in the past, the country will have solid, wisely and prudently, and will deal with the current developments in the world oil market with the same approach. The Kingdom will continue defending its economic interests, and global stature within the national perspective, taking into account the requirements of the well-being of citizens, and sustainable development, and the interests of present and future generations.

We reaffirm that the real development is accomplished by according to the linear weighted, taking into account the requirements of reform, and rational decisions are taken away from emotions, and are in the best interest of the nation and the citizens, your responsibility is grand toward the citizen with what topics are shown to you, and I'm sure you are the men for this responsibility. I have touched in my address to some topics that capture your interest, and in my distributed review to you the work accomplished by the Government of your country over the past year in regard to internal and external affair, praying to Allah to help us all to its debt servicing religion and nation.

May peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.

The following is the speech of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud addressed to the work of the third year of the sixth session of the Consultative Council.

In the name of Allah and with his blessing we open the work of the third year of the sixth session of the Consultative Council, asking the Almighty to guide us all to the good of our dear and bless country and bless our efforts and makes our exclusive works devoted to Allah.

Brothers and sisters:
I am pleased at this annual meeting that brings me with this elite good of the people of this beloved nation to review what your government achievement during the past year in both internally and externally arena.

to start with we would like us all to recall what Allah give this safe country of great blesses first the blessing of Islam and honored by serving the two holy mosques and their visitors. and then what God gave us uniting by King Abdul Aziz - may Allah bless his soul - which citizens found security after fear and reunion and founded unitary State built a blessed renaissance and his sons continued after the construction of your country to the mechanism of evolution and Renaissance at all levels.

Brothers and sisters:
The meeting comes in the international and regional circumstances are extremely sensitive and accurate, our churns, regional instability and strife mug terrorism teeth fatal to ourselves and negative for funds and breach of symptoms, with those conditions and be of concern, your State has continued her career development, seeking to strengthen the security and citizen comfort and happiness.

Brothers and sisters:
Achieving development and prosperity are associated with the promotion of cultural and ethical values which underpin our country and urged by our religion advocating tolerance and love and compassion, and Arabic Islamic identity, and to continue to support its position at the international level, and strengthening national unity, national security, and ensure the human rights and justice, equality and stability, with the application of the principles of transparency, accountability, and institutional reform and the protection of integrity and anti-corruption. To achieve this, we have sought to establish national dialogue inside King Abdulaziz Center continue to his planned dialogue in promoting the values of dialogue among all society Spectra launched (dialogues) with the participation of elite scientists, advocates and scholars for dialogue on the subject of extremism. As always, your government emphasized the importance of promotion of human rights and issued more regulations and the latest system of protection from abuse and child protection system, the national human rights Commission follow-up to everything related to human rights.

Brothers and sisters:
Security remains a key concern for all of us and we have seen during the past year desperately deviant and subversion and the band of stability and unity of the country, was answered in the wonderful attitudes of citizens at all levels which snowed chest and assuring the rigidity of national unity and the failed attempts by the fiasco as a result of these attitudes and its State security and military institutions, they stood Lookout and foiled their plans say so and point with pride to the vigilant security men and sacrifices to fulfill their We invite to take one's due in full them God's mercy and forgiveness on his cheek, and hail from continue to ensure homeland security and citizen and sought to help him and call him success and safety. We on this occasion and from this rostrum we assure everyone that we will not allow any threat to national unity and to know who pledged themselves to external organizations or countries that do not have a place among us and they will face resolutely and vigorously, as we affirm our determination to continue our intellectual work and security to response to terrorism and we will not rest until entrench our dear country of this menace.

Brothers and sisters:
The world has been plagued by terrorism this disease which has spread around the globe, which has affected Muslims more than others and experienced country also suffered, and we be your State in the forefront of the fight, at the domestic level was addressed through several axes including formal adoption side of the crimes of terrorism and its financing, including efforts of Muslim scholars and intellectuals to indicate misguidance and seriousness of thought this faith and security, including the senior scholars on terrorism And dangerous, in addition to the permanent security work to counter it through proactive security moves to thwart terrorists plans and hunted down, apprehended and brought to justice.

Dear brothers and sisters:
externally was to state the lead in warning of terrorism through our call for the establishment of the International Centre for counter-terrorism and to advocate against terrorism at the international level and the Kingdom donation in the amount of $ 100 million for activating the role of the Centre, and then promoted by a call to the regional and international community for cooperation to combat this scourge.

Dear brothers and sisters:
justice is the foundation of this State, and will stand still on it, and has assigned Justice of the judicial institution in our country under the law of Allah, we have through our judicial development and overcome the difficulties facing judicial institutions to access this critical facility to what we all aspire to achieve justice. And you have discussed in the Council system of legitimate arguments and LCP system and proceedings before the Ombudsman which were released, was also ordered to form a Committee of distinguished scientists to prepare a draft code of judicial decisions in legitimate topics needed by the judiciary are classified as articles on sections of the Islamic jurisprudence. We are determined with the help of Allah to continue this development in order to gain access to the judiciary in our country to the level required by the tolerant Sharia and citizens aspire and won't hesitate in supporting justice and maintaining independence.

Dear brothers and sisters:
We thank Allah over the past year for the completion of many projects related to the Holy mosques, nearing the work expanded the Grand Mosque completed in General as a large stage had been completed from the eventual expansion as well as the jamarat, the project proved those achievements promise God pilgrimage as pilgrims caused their ritual in comfort and tranquility has seen by far and wide.

Brothers and sisters:
With the praise of God was the conclusion of the ninth development plan which has achieved a lot, and we ask Allah Almighty to make the 10th development plan which discussed by the Council is more profitable than its predecessors, and that focusing on the developmental pathways to raise living standards and improve the quality of life, improve services and facilities and efficiency, and improving the mechanisms for implementation and follow-up of programs and projects, to ensure the rational and sustainable development, human resources development, while achieving balanced development between regions and raise the added value of natural resources, And to promote scientific research and the transition towards a knowledge-based economy and knowledge society while continuing to expand partnership with the private sector and the development of the SME sector in order to provide opportunities for work, and follow-up to maintain permanent strengthening of social safety nets and the family and child welfare, to access all aspire lifted home and progress and prosperity and prosperity.

The State budget carried for the past year what other budgets of previous years, the State has sought to complete the development process and encourage their investment structure that would create more jobs for citizens and accelerate economic growth, promote small and focus on development projects for social and municipal sectors, water and sanitation, roads and e-transactions and supporting scientific research.

And another aspect to strengthen two sectors come always in the forefront of your government attention, namely education, health, and not overlook the security requirements in the budget, we have to support those sectors, human and mechanical requirements of all weapons and other equipment needed and thank God we have today the military security force we are proud of and assured its effectiveness -God willing- to maintain security and defend the homeland and protect the achievements and accomplishments.

Dear brothers and sisters:
The national workforce development and supporting women's participation in development activities represent an important element in the strategy of economic development in the Kingdom, the State has everything to achieve the benefit of the citizen, so we are continuing to follow up and monitor the results achieved by the stakeholders and the level of responsiveness of the private sector in this regard to ensure continued progress in ensuring the development of human resources and expand the options for employment, In support of this growth was lost on our need to stand next to small enterprises, which are an essential part of the national economy, was exempt such facilities from drawing employment, provided the owner to work full-time, and has exceeded the total amount breaks the barrier of 4.5 billion riyals benefited approximately 900 thousand. In order to achieve the necessary budget issued in the same vein our consent to the continuation of the Civil Service Council resolution on treatment of anti-freeze, and examine rankings qualifications in the civil service to enhance civil service systems and raise the level. Also support national industry duty basis of the State.

As well as energy saving and conservation, the State has sought for years and continues to provide energy from various sources, particularly renewable energy which requires planning for the future should be the cornerstone of the development process, we have to rely on alternative, non-petroleum energy sources.

Dear brothers and sisters:
The citizen was and still in mind to seek to provide comforts to him, we stressed all government agencies, including the Ministry of health to provide the best service and most for the citizens, in the past year, as in previous years the opening, operating and adoption of numerous health projects in order to increase capacity for clinical and hospital treatment, and enhance recruiting Saudis holders qualifications required in this sector, work is ongoing to ensure the upgrading of the quality of health services.

My dears:
Education like health, is your head of the state concern, and has devoted of the budget 25% and we ordered to add 80 billion Saudi riyals for the development of education in all its aspects, to include student and teacher and the school.

Brothers and sisters:
To facilitate citizens ' access to adequate housing according to multiple choices is the permanent concern, your State has worked to provide large areas that meet the needs of the Ministry of housing in various areas with the awarding of infrastructure development of these lands, as well as build upon to ensure fast delivery with quality, The State is still working to increase the space allocated for housing projects to provide the greatest possible housing for citizens, in particular their first care, and coincides with the State to create all possible private sector participation in increasing the supply of housing of various kinds, and raise the proportion of citizens to have their houses through housing finance programs.

Dear brothers and sisters:
on the public transport system, and roads linking eastern hub in West and southern Kingdom in the North and among the various regions and governorates and centers in addition to inland transport in cities, the establishment of a body to regulate public transport public transport services, the State has established a giant projects, including what was and what is, and what is under construction or both of road or railway or urban transport networks in the quantum leap to link parts of our Kingdom Dear to each other.

Dear brothers and sisters,
the State has endeavored in the past year not to overlook the role of the Foundation for youth and sports and the importance of nationwide coverage to provide facilities for their needs, with the opening of King Abdullah city sports in Jeddah, also ordered the establishment of 11 sports stadiums in the Kingdom to the highest specifications and standards, and the license was approved for seventeen clubs in different regions. At issue were the first Arab Palestine issue at the forefront of our Foreign Affairs and political moves on the axis of international arenas to support the Palestinians in the face of continuing Israeli aggression and provided your State political and financial support to the Palestinians and to lift the Palestinian voice loud support in all international forums.

We also stayed in close contact with the combined Arab and Islamic work on Arab league level and at the level of the OIC and to consult with Arab and Muslim brothers to resolve crises plaguing the Arab and Islamic world, and initiated humanitarian assistance to those affected by those crises and the needy around the world.

At the international level was to state an influential role in the United Nations and the Security Council and the g-20 to advance your interests and the interests of fellow forward and stand with truth and justice and received numerous world leaders and senior officials of the Arabic and Islamic countries, as many leaders of Saudi Arabia and officials with visits to various countries around the world and participate in conferences, affecting our interests, our security all with the aim of activating the Saudi diplomacy and the interests of the State and the defense of Arab and Muslim issues and addressing the dangers of terrorism and sedition and Division upon the fixed State policy calling for dialogue, understanding and reconciliation, peace and harmony.

In the context of the Kingdom interest of the stability of the oil market . the state continued a policy of moderate petroleum based on economic foundations based on the interests of present and future generations in accordance with the policies of deliberate market strength, taking into account the mutual interests of producers and consumers.

This continued constructive work not to be without Allah guidance then what achieved for the Saudi economy from robust growth achieved last year finished third as the largest global economy in terms of total assets.

Dear brothers and sisters,
What has been achieved does not live up to what we seek, and aspiring citizen, our ambitions do not stop at an end, and an ongoing quest to preserve the gains and achievements, and the State will continue -God willing- on its developmental approach to citizen service and security and prosperity and well-being.

Dear brothers and sisters, members of Shura Council:
The work of the Council is to our appreciation and support, we are informed and follow-up to the work of the Council of the great role and achieved high standing and reputation at home and abroad praise Allah for what he continuous accomplishments with wisdom and sincere work, whether internal or external affair, we are confident that he will continue his career blessed by Allah.

May Allah help us all,
May peace and blessings be upon you.

Speech of his Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al-Sheikh in the Royal speech ceremony for the third year of the sixth session of the Consultative Council

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon his Prophet, Muhammad and his family and companions:
His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense.
His Royal Highness Prince Muqrin bin Abdul-Aziz and Crown second Deputy Prime Minister and Special Envoy of the custodian of the two Mosques.
Your Highnesses the Princes
Holders of virtue and excellences.
Dear audiences.
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you, to begin we thank Allah for what He provides on the custodian of the two holy mosques on the successful temporary medical procedure, and we ask Allah Almighty to double his pay for his work to his nation and homeland.

Your Royal Highness:
The Shura Council happy today by honoring him, for your inaugurate on behalf of the custodian of the two holy mosques in a new year in his career which surrounded by care and attention on the part of leadership, and the Council celebrate in honoring a day of a nation, which meets your Highness with the elite of the sons and daughters of the nation with solemn mission and national responsibility, We recall here what Allah has bestowed upon us from sequence grace, according to Allah guidence of unique achievements entitled mechanism reform and construction and development despite all challenges and circumstances facing our world today, particularly in the stricken regional wind turbulence and instability, praise be to Allah for this security and prosperity and stability, unity and cohesion and the right we cherish this great Achiever, protect and respond to all attempts to undermine our unity and our security.

Your Royal Highness:
The Kingdom witnessed during the past period number of decisions, orders and more development projects and goodness which are in the interest of this country to enforce directives of custodian of the two Holy Mosques – May Allah protect him –

In the education sector issued approval on executive action program to support King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to develop a five-year public education by 80 billion riyals, and the formation of a Ministerial Committee to take charge of overall supervision of the implementation of the program, and the local economy by Allah well developed as a result of the economic policy of the State in development plans and programs where the Saudi economy with Allah guidance was third as the largest global economy in total reserve assets in Ramadan, in 1435 h July 2014.

Last year the custodian – God – opening of the King Abdullah sports city in Jeddah, and issued the command to create (11) sports stadiums to the highest specifications and international standards in some cities in support of youth and sports for the benefit of interest to them and to their homeland.

Your Royal Highness:
Since this good country and based on policy principles and foundations do not deviate start is always on the side of right and justice, it seeks and cooperates with international bodies and community organizations in achieving everything that enhances international peace and security to prevail in the prosperity and stability of this world, because the world today Limoges a number of issues that haunt its leaders and peoples obsession , Thus came the word of the custodian of the two holy mosques the leader who understands dimensions of things — Allah protect him — Word to both historical Arabic and Islamic and international community warned of the growing threat of terrorism and attempts to distort the image of Islam is pure, and had announced a donation of Kingdom ($100) million to activate the International Centre to combat terrorism, recognizing the importance of addressing the epidemic, which poses a threat to the whole world.

And in view of some arab States witnessing difficult conditions have affected their stability the Kingdom has continued its efforts to achieve security and stability and to avoid brothers conflict and strife, has made every effort to take measures to stop the bleeding of the fraternal Syrian people's blood and attempts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis so enjoy this country's security and stability as the Kingdom welcomed the peace agreement and national partnership signed by the Yemeni political parties hope that this agreement can fraternal Yemen overcome its crisis as an extension of the Kingdom's Gulf initiative sponsored by Contributed to fraternal Yemen spared the scourge of conflict and strife.

The Kingdom has made through the initiative of the custodian of the two holy mosques successful efforts, thankfully for bridging between the Arabic Republic of Egypt and the brotherly State of Qatar in order to call meeting and Arab unity.

Your Royal Highness:
while you are opening today on behalf of the custodian in the opening of the third year of the sixth session of the Shura Council, the Consultative Council seal of the second year of this cycle, among other achievements were the product of seventy-nine (79) meeting which examined a number of draft laws and regulations and conventions, reports and plans as provided for in Article fifteen of its system.

Total decisions made by the Council during the last year (154) decision as follows:
• (25) decision regarding rules and regulations.
• (67) a decision relating to the annual reports.
• (49) adopted a resolution concerning the agreements and memorandums of understanding. (5) decisions regarding the formation of specialized board committees and special committees.
• (4) decisions regarding strategies and plans.
• (4) decisions regarding members ' proposals through article (23 system board).

And of draft laws examined by the Board:
1. the amendment of some articles of the labor system.
2. the draft regulation of public authority for endowments.
3. project system functions directly.
4. Zakat system project in business and professional activities.
5. amendment of certain articles of investigation and prosecution and the list of its members and their employees.

The Board has been keen and through the guidance of the custodian of the two holy mosques, your Highness, the Crown Prince and Crown that holds citizen concerns, convying it to officials in their respective areas of competence, and the council was concern over the past years this aspect considerable attention by hosting Ministers and officials of various government organs, attended to the Shura Council during the second year (sixth session) the number of officials in the various government ministries and agencies were discussed in relation to the functioning of those ministries and agencies , And clarify the many topics within their competencies.

The Council opened several windows for suggestions and complaints of citizens, whether through the Commission on human rights and petitions which exercise a key role in this area, or through meetings with citizens and listen directly to their cases, or by electronic communication the Shura administrative unit to facilitate communication with the council or via e-mail messages and petitions received and enjoyed the attention and study.

Your royal highness:
Application of wise political approach adopted by Saudi Arabia in its external relations the Shura Council continued its efforts at the level of parliamentary diplomacy has contributed over the years in the Kingdom's cultural visibility, and the reality, and fair positions towards the entire international issues, whether through participation in international and regional parliamentary conferences or visits by officials and members of the Council or parliamentary friendship committees , Or through parliamentary delegations hosted by the Council of the various States.

Before concluding, allow me your highness to thank my colleagues on the Council of officials and members for their efforts, and to assure the leadership we are working for greater achievements are endeavouring to what citizens aspire and aspire to a dignified leadership for a prosperous future and more tender. And I find it a chance to renew my thanks to the custodian of the two holy mosques and to your Highness Crown Prince for the support to Council and interest, asking the Almighty to perpetuate this country blessed bounty and generosity and leadership, and achieve what everyone from unleashing the hopes and aspirations that bestow.

Peace and Blessings be upon you.