The National Shura Council 1343 A.H.

From King AbdulAziz to all attendants in Mecca, may peace be upon you. You are fully aware that our mission has ever been to implement Islam according to the articles of the Holy Quran and according to the ways of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Every member in this congregation knows that being a Muslim calls for certain tasks to be fulfilled, which Muslim scholars identified as the five pillars of Islam.

The first pillar is to testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is His messenger.

The second pillar of Islam is prayer, which is an obligatory duty of every Muslim. No Muslim is to be exempted from the duty of prayer and hence I command you to appoint qualified men to follow up this matter in markets to summon Muslims to prayer and to ensure that all stores are closed on prayer time. That is for the first matter.

The other matter is that we want our actions to be consistent with our sayings. Every country needs a law that organizes its affairs, and the absence of such law will surely lead to undesired results. This law can only be executed by qualified men, religiously and nationally. Therefore, I urge you to elect in your council the perfect members who will look into the entire nation’s affairs. The election must be documented by the signatures of these members in the Council. Their duty is to consider and suggest whatever they believe would entertain the welfare of the country and its people. This matter shall be finalized before the end of our congregation.

Delivered on 24/05/1343 A.H.