The National Shura Council 1344 A.H.

From King Abdul Aziz, the King of Saudi Arabia, to all residents of Mecca.

Since we have undertaken to govern and administer the affairs of this country and its people, our ultimate aim has always been to run the affairs of this kingdom in accordance with the faultless desire of its people, to take into account their interests, and to maintain cultural and social norms that are generally accepted by them. Together, we have witnessed the election of the Council members whose mission has been to manage the internal affairs of our country. Today, in accordance with the nation's desire to participate actively and take part in the national affairs of their country, and for the benefit of the public interest, we have decided to dissolve the former council, and yet to form another council that is to be elected according to the following standards:

1 - Each neighbor should elect a delegate of experience and knowledge to work as a representative for them.

2 –Religious scholars have to elect two senior scholars to represent them.

3 –Traders should elect their delegate from among themselves.

4 – Voting slips must be submitted on Monday morning at the government offices in Al Mohammadia.

5 – The election should be free, and all should be given the equal chance to participate in the upcoming election with no exclusion. If Anybody attempts to illegally manipulate the elections, he will be subjected to punishment.

6 –The delegates of the people will have to meet after determining the outcome of the elections on an appointed date. By then, it will be the delegates' duty to manage and administer the affairs of the State.

Thursday, eighth of Muharram,1344 AH.

Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal Al-Saud