Majlis Ash-Shura, 1349 A.H.

To the members of the National Shura Council of KSA,

I appreciate the efforts of the former Council and the laws and decisions which were issued in response to and pursuit of the public interest.

Today, you are entrusted with demanding tasks, such as setting forth the budgets of the government apparatuses and enacting the laws to regulate the public projects. Such obligations require greater efforts than those in the previous year. The nation has high expectations of you, and so do we: we hope that you invest all time in contributing with whatever that shall bring welfare and benefit about this country.

I have ordered not to enact any law in the country before it is presented before the Council. You are entirely entitled to edit any law in any way that will benefit the country and the performers of Pilgrimage. It is well known that the fundamental law that governs this country is the Islamic one. In this respect, you are welcome to issue any law and approve of any act that you may deem of interest to the country as long as it does not contradict with the Islamic law. Needless to say that this country requires from you to work hard on preserving the rights of its people and on achieving whatever that provides comfort for the performers of Pilgrimage. Also, you are responsible for the laws and the projects that are being presented before you, whether they pertain to the country or to the performers of Pilgrimage.

At this, the General Secretary of the Council Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Ghazawi, delivered the following speech:

"Your Majesty,

It is a great honor to stand before your Majesty and to express the gratitude of the members of the Council.

You entrusted this Council– which was formed in response to the decree of King Abdul Aziz– to review the executed projects and the reformation tasks in this country according to the laws of the Council, and in consistency with your profound vision that is sourced by the Islamic Law and by justice.

The Council cannot proclaim that it has fulfilled all the aspirations of this country. However, the Council takes pride in having exerted every effort and in working with regards to organizational interests of the unions, instructions, and decisions.

On this occasion, the Council deems it appropriate to express its appreciation to the Deputy General for the support which the Council has received in all affairs pertaining to that demanding position.