Majlis Ash-Shura, 1351 A.H.

The past sessions of this Council have gone well as it luckily and successfully undertook its works. The government as well as the country profitably reaped the fruits of its efforts. Each session of the past sessions had its own features in terms of laws and administrative affairs that the country needed. This session is distinct from others in the new tasks and issues of which the council would be charged.

This session particularly hosts a global economical crisis that necessitates its consideration of all its acts in every submitted project in order to lessen the expenditures as much as possible. We also considered adding the Pilgrimage affairs into the current Council’s agenda as it is the duty of KSA to work on the Pilgrims’ service.

The authorities that we previously consigned to the Council will not change on the next session. We have ordered to remit again some matters to the Council, and they would be remitted in due time.

The secretary of the Council, Mr. Ahmad AlGhazawi, then, delivered the following statement:

As we have been submitting the agendas of the works of the Council’s former session since 1349 till 1350 A.H, we consider this a great and an honorable opportunity for receiving the royal statements of recognition from your Highness.

In its new session, the Council would exert successive efforts in consistency with the current global circumstances and in consideration of all public affairs in our country. The Council would be concerned with electing citizens that are known to be loyal to their country, to their government, and to their people.