Majlis Ash-Shura, 1353 A.H.

From AbdulAziz bin Abdul Rahman Alfaisal to the vice president of the National Shura Council of KSA

We received your letter No 2 on 5/1/1353, which contained the summary of the works by the Council during its last session. As we are sure of the competence of members of the Council and their concern with public interests and because we are aware of their demanding position among citizens we ordered to renew their membership for another session of two years, provided they are committed to handling their works in previously acted law, and to electing the second deputy of the Council by secret ballot.

The Secretary of the Council and one of its members Mr. Ahmad AlGhazawi delivered the following word:

We want to thank you for your visit to The National Shura Council.

You familiarized the people with the causes of concern and the methods of interest and the results of your plans and purposes were miraculous.

All members of the Council in general express their thanks to you for extending their membership. They appreciate this high concern and care.

Whatsoever efforts or exertions the Council does, it admits its helplessness and shortage of achieving some purposes. Yet it would be completely concerned to follow your steps in every matter that results in public benefit. The council depends, on the support of your Majesty in all its issues and works.

Later, the King offered valuable advice to the Council, and addressed its members with statements about the merits of fulfilling the duties:

We felt your commended effort in fulfilling your duty during the last session. This motivated us to extend the session of the Council. We are quite sure that you would undertake duties you are charged with and you would save no effort in fulfilling the task upon your shoulders so loyally and actively.

No doubt your Council is charged with many works that are related to public benefit and their fulfillment is subject to your hard work and painstaking.

Man is subject to committing mistakes whatsoever high positions he holds. Yet it is duty that entails him to work hard and carefully. It is said: “every hardworking man would receive a share” so you have to work continuously. If man does his best for the sake of fulfilling the duty, he would feel completely comfortable. Man could only be productive in his exertions if he has good intention and purposeful work.

Rest assured that you would certainly achieve success if you follow this approach.