Majlis Ash-Shura, 1355 A.H.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon prophet Mohammad, PBUH, to proceed,

In the name of Allah we inaugurate the new session of The Shura The Council, asking success from Allah, the Exalted, for all of us.

It is the prudence of Allah that entails Muslims to meet to consider their interests, following what He orders and avoiding what He forbids. Allah ordered us to help one another in righteousness and piety, in consultation and reciprocal advices concerning the interests of the country and people, where He says in the Holy book: “and consult them in affairs (of moment)”. The Prophet PBUH said: the essence of religion is recommendation”. That’s why we were careful to have this The Council, once established, as touching base between governor and people, and honest communicator between administrators and condemned people. Yesterday marked the end of the fifth Council session, thanks be to Allah. During that period, the Council fulfilled its tasks, being an idol in hard work and activity. It was successful in its decisions that had the optimal effects in the course of matters, and rising the country towards civilization and construction. I trust Allah, then the new association that this session would fulfill the hopes of everybody, consider all matters it would be charged with, and pursuing the public benefit.

Powers given to his The Council in this session are the same authorized powers we granted it previously. Since we deeply hope that people are appropriately represented in this The Council, so that the contact between people and government is wider and more common, we ordered to set a law that states electing a representing person from every governorate in the kingdom who meet every month during the season of pilgrimage as a public The Council. The current session of the Council might not come to end before this project is executed, thus the country gets best represented.

We ask Allah to lead us and you to what satisfies Him, and to let us follow the way of goodness, Allah is All-Powerful.

Then, on behalf of the The Council, secretary and member of the The Council Shaikh Ahmad Ibrahim AlGhzawy delivered the following statement: In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Your Majesty,

The Shura The Council enjoyed the honor of your Majestic visit and the high statement of the Crown by which you granted the royal trust to its loyal members in the new session. It is an eternal pride and commended deed that your Highness delivers a visit to the The Council on its inauguration to bestow honors upon it and praise its honest services, and holy duties that it should fulfill in accordance with what divine guidelines impose, texts of law suggest, public benefit of the government, nation and country calls to.

Your Highness, The The Council would maintain the straight principles for which it was established. By the will of Allah, it would meet your good opinion via its impartiality, and persistence to undertake its great responsibilities. It would exert honest and loyal efforts without leniency or prejudice for the sake of reform and advancement, and to handle all that guarantees long-term purposes that ensure the happiness and welfare of this people, under your high royal concern, and by the support of your government presided by the Eminence of Royal Highness State attorney and glorified president of the The Council. Your Majesty,

We deeply thank your high attention, and precious trust. We vow to Allah to fulfill the task we assumed, and achieve wishes your Majesty aim to for the felicity, benefit, and success of this nation as far as powers you granted to this The Council allow, bearing in mind honesty and steadfastness, advice and loyalty, and valuable trust that kindle the spirit of activity, working and pride in our hearts.

We ask Allah, Mighty and Sublime be He, to support you with victory, to sustain you with help, to maintain you and your dignified Crown Prince, the Highness of your cherished deputy and the rest of your glorious family as a privilege for His religion, an idol for His saints, and an aspect of His satisfaction, Allah is All-Hearing, Hearkener.