Majlis Ash-Shura, 1360 A.H.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

From AbdulAziz Ben AbdulRahman AlFaisal

To the honorable son Faisal, Chairmen of the Shura Council, may Allah protect him.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you:

We reviewed the annual report of the Shura Council regarding its affairs No 346 for the year 1359 A.H. on 21/12/1359. We wish that you convey our regards to the Council for their acknowledged efforts and actions, as well as our appreciation for them.

Later Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim AlGhazawy, member of the Shura Council delivered the following word on behalf of the Council:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Our Glorified Prince:

Honoring the Shura Council by attending the inaugurating celebration in the occasion of extending its term for the year 1360 A.H, which receives as well the deputy of his Majesty the king, our Council finds itself embraced by the precious royal care towards the trust, honor and encouragement it was granted. This should lead it to double its efforts and services whenever it finds these efforts and services satisfy its conscience, perform its duty, execute its vows, and serve the nation, country and government. This government raise “no god but Allah” as an emblem, hold the Quran as guidance, the Sunna as method and sincerity in work as path.

Feeling so proud and delighted today for the care, advice, confidence and privilege bestowed by the Majesty of the king, we are at the same time very aware of the causes of that. We strongly have in mind that we sustain this valuable consideration by working hard and persistently as much as time allows us, and as much as our authority permits us to handle public interests, following the steps of his Honor in raising the people, progressing it gradually towards the desired aims it is coming closer to despite the woes of wars and troubles of life that nations worldwide suffer from.

Our beloved Prince;

Under the protection of his Majesty, The entire country enjoys today– Thanks be to Allah the Supreme, the Exalted- blessings never experienced as far as ancient times, and safety, justice, and peace that defy description. Every single man of his people wholeheartedly believes that he is the happiest with his ruling, the luckiest of his goodness, and the most thankful for him. These blessings are so great that they require us to continue thanking Allah, the Greatest, and asking more of it all day and night.

On this pleasant occasion, we undertake to commend with a lot of admiration and appreciation your generosities and eternal favors upon this nation that all of its classes are competing for your love, as well as your regards, care and concern you bestow upon it, not to mention the support and advocacy that this Council enjoys in every right –corresponding matter it is subject to and actions it takes. This advocacy is what enlightens its discussions, and what it depends upon in its decisions. In this advocacy, we have always been seeing a sign after another for the gifts of wisdom and insight that Allah granted you, and the lucidity He gave you in every minute and essential matter.

Your superior statement you delivered in the previous term is still echoing in our ears, and finds positive reaction in our souls, and overwhelms our hearts of the prudent opinion and advice we still pursue and recommend one another.

So it is better that we shorten the elaborate discourse, and make continuous work, and fruitful yields by the help of Allah the Greatest and by the help of your Excellency what could be more eloquent, and fluent to express our sincerity and announce our thanks since that would be a more reason for bliss and comfort, and a more fulfillment of the aimed purpose. This is what we pledged to Allah to do and undertook to work on and exert efforts for, on Allah we depend and His help we seek.

In the beginning of this new term and in the onset of the New Year, we as well as everybody under the sky deeply ask Allah to sustain the life of the Majesty of our king and to provide him with His success, support him with His victory, to defeat his enemies, to bring his allies to the right path, to avail by us the best that He availed whosoever responsible of a nation, to reserve the glorified Excellency of crown prince and your beloved Excellency and all members of the royal family for the nation and country, He is All-Hearing.

Then his Excellency prince Faisal Ben abdul Aziz delivered the inauguration statement, on behalf of his Majesty king Abdul Aziz, in which he said:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

There is no doubt that the burden we carry in this term is heavy. Yet as long as we consider the commonweal in what we do, success is guaranteed by Allah’s will. I don’t see a need to recall some backbone to cooperate in all deeds and projects returning to the nation and country and doubling our cooperation and supporting of each other in what we are responsible of, and to make our ultimate goal:

First: loyalty in work.
Second: considering reform in everything.

We are not infallible humans. As long as reform is our goal, if we do well, it is what is required; if we do wrong unintentionally, Allah the Greatest would forgive the sins and He is the Leader to the right path.

We are all aware of woes of war other countries suffer from even these they did not participate in. with the bless of Allah, we consider this country and ourselves the happiest people on earth. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest blessings of Allah, which entails thanking not just by utterance, yet by doing good deeds so that man is faithful towards Allah, himself and his country. If we thanked Allah that loyalty, the blessings we are receiving would no doubt be doubled.

We ask Allah for the success of all of us, for the accuracy in all our deeds, for sustainable blessed graces we experience as well as the graces of collaboration and brotherly association in Him.

What belief entails is that we consider the aged person as our father, the middle aged as our brother and the younger as a son.

Now in the Name of Allah and on behalf of the glorious Majesty of the king, may Allah advocate him, I inaugurate the first term of your esteemed Council in its new term.