Majlis Ash-Shura, 1364 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

Your Excellency, Deputy Chairman of Majlis Ash-Shura,

Referring to your statement no. 47 on 28/12/1363 A.H., with the attached annual report of Majlis Ash-Shura, which the Majlis submitted on the end of its official term, we inform you that we presented what you submitted to the Majesty of our glorified king. The glorious command of his Majesty was issued by telegraph pertaining the No 14331 on 30/12/1363 A.H. to adopt and extend the session of the Majlis for the year 1364 A.H. Informing you of that;

It is our pleasure to congratulate the Majlis of the high royal trust, at the same time we appreciate the efforts of the Majlis and wish it success.

Then on behalf of the Majlis, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ghazzawy delivered the following statement.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Your Highness,

It is enough for the Majlis to have the feelings of delight and cheer, pride and conceit, for the precious royal confidence it still have. This confidence provokes in the hearts of its members the flame of activeness and induces them to continue efforts and persistency in the deeds they practice and duties they undertake.

We have to thank Allah, glorified and exalted be He, for his great graces and superior favors in which Saudi Arabia live in from the red sea till the gulf, and from the frontiers of Cham countries till the borders of Yemen, shaded by security and safety, and surrounded by prosperity and luxury. This could only be achieved by the favor of Allah, Mighty and Sublime be He, and by continuous efforts, persistent exertion and abundance generosity by his Majesty, the glorified king, may Allah sustain him, and by his government presided by your Excellency.

Making a simple comparison between the past and the present of this nation within 20 years, we would get evident proofs and cutting evidences for the big difference, great disparity, and superior advancement in all aspects, departments and facilities. This happened when general circumstances were unfitting on all fields due to the events within that period, where it is not possible to rise the perfect way especially that five years were spent in pain, and some nations are still suffering from the heaviness and woes of war. If we were allowed to say a little in thanking the government of his Majesty the king after this short period, we have, as well as the entire people, have to appreciate so happily and appreciatively this blessed movement in the rise and renaissance in all stages that nations pass in the bloom of establishing education, fighting illiteracy, and spreading the general education in all fields. Evidences for that are countless. The brightest proof for them is delegations which were well chosen and directed to the most needful arts of modern life. These delegations have grown in number of members in a way that is worth feeling happiness and pride. This is not only what makes us praise it being a vital project, yet we should estimate the double expenses it needs that don’t worth mentioning if compared to results aimed form these delegations when they are back home to execute the rights and responsibilities indebted under the ruling of his Majesty.

There is a new phenomenon, which seemed to be a dream-like a short time ago that we find students from the farthest areas in the country and deserts rush to be enrolled in schools of cities to get more knowledge and be part of its results. The long distances, or the homesickness did not stop them. This would not be available for them without the various aspects of care and promotion that the government of his Majesty the king surrounds them with. Not to mention the many schools that the government is establishing in various areas of the country, and deep into the villages and desert. This would be deliver the most appealing fruits, by Allah’s will, establish best manners and achieve hopes.

Your Highness the prince, the Majlis is completely excused to talk thoroughly about that and to view it with hope and comfort since it is the paved way, and the correct criteria for the bright future. It is the only one to help the coming generations towards confronting facts and bearing serious responsibilities, practicing them and overcoming all difficulties that could only be surmounted by means and methods known so far, which are based on manners, arts and science.

Your Highness,

The frankness we are used to hear from you, and the belief that is the source of your inspiration and success, by the help of Allah, in all government and people affairs that you know drive us to follow your Highness, and announce in confidence and hope- despite all efforts and money that are spent for the sake of education and still a lot to be paid- our desire to duplicate this effort especially in the two important regards where we feel some lack, which are:

First: providing the biggest number of teachers to fulfill the need of established schools and those to be established in the future and preparing a group that is specialized in guidance and preach, and teaching legitimacy codes in lessons at public mosques.

Second: providing the biggest number of judiciaries to fulfill the need of current courts, and those to be established due to the expansion of the country.

The Majlis thinks that these two subjects occupy a lot of your interest, and they might be our project this coming year by the will of Allah.

As far as other reforming aspects which good tidings started last year, they are absolutely in debt to the exertions of the glorious Majesty of the king and his awareness of the happiness and luxury of his people, and to the strictness, strong intention, directing, and review your Highness is steering the government to.

The Majlis believes that it should thank and acknowledge all that is done and still being done by the royal Highness of your son prince Abdulla Al-Faisal, during the absence of your Majesty in Najd, since deliberateness and careful consideration accompany all of his action. No wonder, like father like son.

The Majlis and the government have great hope, that ministries, agents, director generals, and administrative governors in governorates, attaches, administrative Majlis, and municipalities do their best as far as circumstances allow in various administrative and health affairs, whether reforming, organizing, establishing and constructing in a way that goes in accordance and conformity with the modern constructional development. No doubt that they would take care of that as much as desired, each according to his specialization aiming at achieving and doing the most important before the important.

Our beloved prince,

During the previous session, the Majlis discussed, among other things, draft laws of army, and its serious duties and missions. They were so important that they consumed a long time to ratify. Fortunately they were not finished and presented to your Highness before announcing the pleasant news that was welcomed by departments of the army, nation and the country, to designate the highness of your brother (Al-Mansour) as the minister of Defense. This was a good omens and blessed onset associated by the action of the Majlis in the closure of its last session. No doubt that the army would undertake that memorably in a way that makes it worth the honor of defense, and the mission of defending the borders of the country.

It is a good thing that the first action by the Majlis in its new session is to handle other laws that are similarly important for employees who would have in this new law an evident and detailed method that would bring happiness to the beneficial and unhappiness to the injurious. Its rules would be based on rewarding the beneficial and punishing the injurious, and ensuring the benefit of both jobs and employees equally. They also include frank and fair texts in a way they constitute a valid ground for retirement that is for the benefit of all employees. After that the Majlis would discuss laws of pilgrimage guides, and insert necessary modifications for the public interest, which wisdom, benefit, and experience entail.

Undertaking these duties, receiving the new session and assuming this great grace from his Majesty the glorious king, we can only assure your Highness, on behalf of his Majesty, that we intend, by the power and strength of Allah, to thank Allah and then his Majesty for his precious trust in a practical way, that is shown in fulfilling our duties, valuing responsibility, and being aware of you are aware of towards the dignity, rise and development of the nation. Telling that, we are sure that Allah prepared us means of happiness and granted us types of goodness that are combined in the personality of his glorious Majesty. We, as well as all members and classes of the Arabian people in various areas and countries, pray to Allah, glorified and exalted be he that He sustain his Majesty with care and assistance, and to support him with maintenance and custody, and to make him a monument of His religion and a raise of His word and a mercy upon His servants, Allah is All-Hearing, the Hearkener.

Finally, we continue our pray of the long life of glorified crown prince, and the Exalted Highness of the deputy of the Majesty of the king, and the Highness of blessed princes, May Allah bestow upon all of you power, patience and health, and success, attainment and victory that would achieve the hopes of Arabs and Moslems, Allah is All-Powerful.

Then His Highness Prince Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz, delivered the following speech.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I wish that Allah, Mighty and Sublime be He, lead all of us to what satisfies Him. No doubt that all of them value duties. I beg your pardon not to expatiate in my address because I won’t be able to stick to the set time due to a simple emergency. Without the help of Allah then that of Dr. Basheer, I would not have been able to attend, and I don’t like to violate this. In fact I am still unable to express my inner feelings. Yet the most important is that all of us, by the power and help of Allah, could be able to undertake the great responsibilities we have upon our shoulders, and to be completely aware of performing these duties in what goes in accordance with the big responsibility and the inspiration of the honest consciences. If any shortage or deficiencies appear in some regards, it is the result of circumstances worldwide, especially in this country as it is influenced according to that of other countries. This would not last, by the power of Allah. The world today is about to have an era of reassurance and peace, where peace and security are for the entire world.

Our carefulness towards our country and Moslem and Arabs countries in specific, being most worthy of intercession, is not less than that towards all world countries. As far as our country is concerned, you should be aware of the current circumstances which became an obstacle before every reform and advancement. This is not only the case in our country, rather in all world countries.

In his statement, our colleague talked about schools and delegations and their advancement. Agreeing with you that some advancement or fulfillment has been achieved, I tell you it is not all that is required. We still aim to achieve more. If collaboration, cooperation and sincerity by all departments that are responsible of education were available, yields would be more fruitful and better, by the Will of Allah.

As far as the two points that the addressor mentioned are concerned: the teachers and magistrates, I assure you that they have been occupying the mind of his Majesty the king and his government. If any delay happened in the past, we still have hopes to do some procedures in the future to fulfill the need. Some wisdom, efforts and patience are still needed.

Handling matters without deliberateness or precision would yield opposite results, while the time we live in requires precision and deliberateness. The government of his Majesty the king looks forward a lot of reforms.
  1. In economy
  2. In construction
  3. In reforming current facilities
We intend to handle the most important followed by the less important, and following the right path would achieve the results.

I wish that you excuse me not to elaborate more as per the advice of the doctor. He is now standing before you pointing out to me to stop, and I believe that I have to stop here.

Now, in the name of Allah, and on behalf of his Majesty the glorious king, I inaugurate the fifteenth session of Majlis Ash-Shura. I ask Allah that he makes it good and blessed for the country and the nation, and that He inspires us to do what should be done. I wish it is one of the most successful and best sessions and I congratulate all of you for this precious confidence of his Majesty the king.