Majlis Ash-Shura, 1366 A.H

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

From Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Faisal,

To his Honor, son Abdullah Al-Faisal, vice president of Majlis Ash-Shura, may Allah protect him,

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,

We read the annual report of Majlis Ash-Shura and its actions during the year 1365 A.H. submitted to us submitted to us with the number NO 1126 on 27/12/1365 A.H.

Since we are certain of the loyalty of the aforementioned council, and its devotion in fulfilling the duties it undertakes, and due to the commended hard work and effort it showed during this year and past years, we wish that you convey tp the council and its members our acknowledgement and appreciation of their efforts, and that it is this trust that makes us issue this command to renew their term for another year, starting next Moharram, 1366 A.H.

We ask Allah to grant success to you and them in achieving what is good for the country and people.

Royal Seal

Then, on behalf of the council, His Eminence, Sheikh Abdullah Ash-Shaibi, member of Majlis Ash-Shura, delivered the following speech.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Your Highness,

Allow us to express in happiness and pride our great thanks, deep gratitude, and superior estimation for your honorable attendance of this session to inaugurate the new term of the council.

Having received the direction of his Majesty the King, may Allah sustain his glory, victory, and success, to extend its term for the current year, Majlis Ash-Shura can only thank his Majesty and pray to Allah, glorified and exalted be He, that He sustains and guides him to achieving his hopes and wishes in all that raises the country and advance it in all aspects of life.

Your Highness, the Prince,

We wish--being at the beginning of this session--that Allah, Mighty and sublime be He, leads us to work on what achieves the trust of his Majesty and duplicates his dependence and gratitude. We are so careful to do that, thus fulfilling our duty and performing our trust, serving the people and country as much as possible, according to opportunities we have, authority we practice and encouragement we receive.

There is solid hope--by the will of Allah--that the country witnesses the biggest contest between specialized and ranked people in all main and subsidiary governmental departments to carry out the most possible important actions and projects during this happy blessed year. It is hoped that this includes all vital substantial and literary facilities. In all its sessions, the council did not stop conforming to development and aiming to achieve the very noble goals that the Majesty of our glorified king and his prudent government talk about and is careful about. By that it is trying to thank his Majesty for what it exerted for the sake of the happiness of this people, and its well-being, success, and goodness. Allah would suffice us.

The encouraging of his Majesty and the support of the Excellency of his glorified delegate your father--and your Excellency on his behalf--was the greatest motivation and biggest stimulus to continue exertions and keep on activity to serve the country and its people and to drive them in the safe and sound way, by the will of Allah.

On this honorable occasion, it is worth mentioning in high regard and glorification the superior consideration granted by the Excellency of crown prince, may Allah sustain him, to this council, and the honorable favor and continuous care he undertake to handle the interests of the country in all occasions and affairs. The last year is over now. All men in charge had experiences during it. We wish that they take these experiences into their consideration so that they do what should be done and correct what should be corrected within the set rules and valid means. Saying farewell to the previous session, we should not forget to commend the pride, honor and power the country got during last year.

These advantages that Allah, glorified and exalted be He, especially bestowed upon the Majesty of our beloved king, which are in fact treasures for his people, and symbols of his glory, are the talk of great medium in all countries.

No doubt that the great burdens his Majesty undertakes, and new big projects he achieves for the interest of the kingdom would have direct influence, by the power of Allah, for its well-being, by the favor of Allah, then by favor of his wisdom and prudence.

Your Highness, the Prince,

It is totally our right to greet the Excellency of your exalted father, and our first president, the Eminence of beloved Prince Faisal, may Allah support him, and to send his honor this loyal greeting oversees in a way to estimate the hardships of travel and exile to serve the interests of his country and those of Arabs and Islam in total. We wish success and realization as well as blessed return for his Excellency, if Allah wills.

To be proud of his everlasting attitudes and successful steps in international conferences that determine the destinies of nations and people in the most delicate circumstances and most critical times is one way to talk about the favors of Allah. It is our duties to congratulate ourselves and Your Honor in special for your success in undertaking the burdens of your high superior position and continuous care and efforts it requires. This is not difficult for the son of Faisal and the grandson of Abdul-Aziz.

Finally we pray for Allah to sustain the Majesty of our glorified king and the Excellency of his crown prince, and the Excellency of honorable princes.

Then His Highness, Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal, acting deputy of His Majesty the King, delivered the following inaugurating speech.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

We ask Allah that He leads us to what He likes and get satisfied with, that He makes us useful and working for the goodness of this nation and country, and that He helps us to achieve benefits and deliverance.

On this pleasant occasion, I congratulate the council for this valuable trust that it got from the Majesty of our glorified king, may Allah sustain him. This trust is the most evident proof for the great exertions by the council during the previous session that should be mentioned in extra thanks and praise.

I wish that it would be the biggest motivation for the council to duplicate those exertions in this new session.

Despite the world war hindered some actions. Now the war is over, it is hoped that these action go as scheduled. I wish that every member of the government, whether a chief or an employee, to duplicate his efforts to fulfill the gap.

Now in the name of Allah, and on behalf of His Majesty, our glorified King, I inaugurate the 17th session of the council, asking Allah for direction and success.