Majlis Ash-Shura, 1370 A.H.

From Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman AlFaisal,

To his son Faisal

We received a book from The Shura National Council pertaining to No 720 on 27/12/1369, along with the report about the accomplishments made by the Council during last year.

As we appreciate the Council ’s good efforts in executing its mission we command to renew the session of its members for another whole year starting from the beginning of 1370 A.H. Kindly inform the Council .

On behalf of the Council , Shaikh Ahmad AlGhazawy, a member of The Shura National Council , delivered the following word:

The Council received the elevated royal decree of extending its current session with high regard and happiness. It is so careful to prove itself worthy of this valuable trust, and to take opportunities and succeed in achieving its purposes and aims.

We really know that the King cares about the advancement, luxury, and well being of the people, and that all authorities do their best for this sake. Yet, only through persistence and perseverance could the Council win the royal trust throughout its previous sessions. It could make use of its authority by the support of the King, and by the assistance of influential people.

It is the duty of this Council to indicate that projects are too late to start. They only start when the season of Hajj is impending. The Council thus wishes to alert all specialized departments and those in charge of Hajj and pilgrimage to the fact that they have no excuse for any delay.

One of the most important things for the Council to start with is tackling every single issue that relates to public benefit. Expanding the scope of administration and internal reform, and building essential constructions as well as every step of advancement occupy the first rank. The Council would also consider a range of important issues that are related to Hajj and pilgrimage such as providing transportations and ensuring necessary facilities especially in the field of health and water, and in other departments and divisions.

The Council refers so proudly to the high prestige and respected position of the government of the Kingdom among all international and Islamic nations, and also among brotherly Arabian countries. It commends the actions and projects executed last year, among which: opening the new port in Jeddah, widening the second asphalted road between Mecca and Jeddah, and turning it into a safe two-way road, establishing the Saudi radio broadcasting station and developing its programs, finishing the grand dam to block floods off buildings of the capital, building channels, installing necessary pipelines from (Shari'a), providing electricity in Jeddah and Al-taif, the participation of Saudi commercial commission in the economical conference in Pakistan and partaking in handling economical issues and finally showing the kingdom’s potentials in this field.

The Kingdom has accomplished a lot; yet, the most important among these accomplishments is the continuous efforts to fight illiteracy, spread education, establish pre-schools, elementary and secondary schools in cities and villages, and promote civil schools. The Council praises the great exertions to support the army, to increase its units, develop and advance its formations according to most modern methods. It also takes the opportunity to appreciate great activity by ministry of finance and all official departments in performing their tasks and duties and to wish them all continuous success. It moreover reviews the intentions and preparations for expanding the scope of agriculture, building dams, opening and asphalting roads between Jeddah, Medina, Mecca and Taif, exposing project of lighting in the capital, establishing municipality branches in multiple places, considering the project of pubic drainage, building pavements in streets, as well as other aspects of constructional advancement. The Council faithfully wishes that they provide the country with dignity-fitting level and good reputation in the Islamic world under the Majesty of the king.

The Council would handle in its new session all draft laws and regulations accurately. Because of the servants’ problem that the country faces, it is better to establish offices for servants issues, to organize immigration issues and resume considering decisions taken. It will also benefit the country to set limits on illegal and unnecessary residents.

The Council hopes that official departments share its concern in their duties on one hand. On the other hand, the Council also hopes that they help in performing its duty perfectly by prompt submission of schedules and balances of current year. Abiding by that, we aim to put heavy liabilities in their right position. The Council knows its responsibility towards these liabilities and hence we want to stress our hope and urge every department to double its efforts to execute its jobs to achieve the desired advancement.

The Council wishes that the department of public endowments shows even more interest in mosque affairs, especially in the Holy mosques in Mecca and Medina. Administrative and municipality Council s should also work in accordance with their authorities and certified regulations. They should always work to undertake their duties and to achieve their goals and aims.

The Council would be so much concerned with finishing discussion of new draft law of employees, a comprehensive law whose articles were based upon long experiences, and which include all rules and regulations that should be acted in a way it corresponds with benefit of jobs and employees at the same time. Its articles deal with accurate and honest rules to select good employees, ensuring their salaries, rewards, penalties, moving and retirement. Once certified, and along with labor law, it would strongly support the stability of social life. The Council would also be concerned in starting with the needs of modern advancement, which fit with the prestige and position of the country. It would moreover make suggestions to eliminate artificial high cost of living.

Then Prince Faisal ben Abdul Aziz delivered the following word:

As I appreciate the actions done by The Shura National Council , I can’t but thank its members their efforts and accomplishments. No doubt that the responsibility of the Council and that of the government are alike in seriousness. I have nothing to add to what the spokesman of the Council has mentioned, yet I want to re-highlight the fact that the government has only one purpose, that is, the public benefit.

There might be some shortcomings or mistakes committed unwillingly. Yet what we aim to is faithfulness and persistence in performing duties.

What I like to make known to the Council is the intention of the government to insert an important element of national defense, i.e. an air force. This is about to be finished and it would be a cornerstone for a big fighting air fleet.

In response to the desires of citizens and delegations, I intend this year among others to reconsider the regulations and the laws related to Hajj and pilgrimage. We wish that we would have achieved good steps in this field next season.

There is still just one note mentioned by the spokesman, that is to ask specialized bodies to be concerned with their affairs, and to hurry in completing what should be completed and to avoid shortcoming. I think nobody spares an effort in achieving these. While we, as a government, welcome the sincere proposals of the Council , we wish that the Council proves a good idol by carefully handling all its actions. No doubt it is undertaking a large deal of them. Yet I sometimes hear about the delay of some works by the Council . This of course is not intended, yet it happens due to some circumstances.

There is yet a simple note to be mentioned: some members of the Council go on holidays. Some of them go frequently on holidays and others even extend these holidays. This of course would paralyze the Council . If sessions were not continuous, some works would be delayed and this would not be for the benefit of everybody.

Some of you are busy in other businesses like commerce or organizations which might engage them and hinder from executing the official duty. I just wanted to mention that in order to ask you to avoid it. All of us are in charge, and all of us have one path to follow.

The spokesman mentioned in his word what the specialized body should avoid regarding high cost of living, and removing the reasons of complaint. Undoubtedly, this is not only the desire of the Council only, it is the desire of the whole nation.

Yet I want to qualify that. High cost of living is not real, nor does it have causes. It is artificial. It might be of benefit for some bodies and people. Fighting high cost of living needs more than the efforts of the Council , or of the government or of one liable person. All of us have to cooperate to fight it. We need to decrease buying and consuming some luxuries and some accessories which the nation can do without. This problem is not the result of the deficiency of the government or specialized bodies. It is rather the deficiency of everybody. If departments in charge collaborate with people, I think this high cost of living would be eliminated.

In the end, I still want to direct everybody to help us, not only through following the orders of the government, but by forewarning it of all that is related to the benefit of people. In terms of blaming and complaining, we must understand that delay, negligence or misdeed are the faults of the neglectful. I think the Council agrees with me on that, along with the nation which I wish would be led into impeccable success.

Now, I inaugurate this session of The Shura National Council for the year 1370 A.H., with all the hope that it succeeds and leads everybody to glory and happiness.