Majlis Ash-Shura, 1380 A.H

The Cabinet reviewed the attached memo (no. 1130/1 dated 12/2/1376) received from the Office of the Presidency Court, which states that the Ministry of Finance had noticed that, upon the end of a given term of Majlis Ash-Shura, members seize attending at the Majlis from the beginning of the new year till the beginning of the following term.

Given that
  • Members of the Majlis are paid monthly in recognition of their service
  • This service is counted as part of their lifelong career
  • The system does not pay a salary to an employee who has left his job and is not on leave
  • The provisions of the General Employees’ Law is applicable to members of the Majlis, including the provision that an employee is to keep performing his duties even after resignation or transfer until a substitute takes over
And after reviewing decision No. 49 on 26/9/1378 A.H. of the Cabinet Committee on the subject, the Cabinet approved, after deliberation of all of the previous in a public hearing, the resolution by the Ministry of Finance which was mentioned above that Majlis Ash-Shura should proceed with its work starting from the day of the members' appointment in the term until a decree is issued regarding the formation of the next the term.