First Term
Second Year
  1. A draft law of researches and educational studies, amending them and determining compensations for researchers.

  2. The required regulations to establish sport and youth centers.

  3. The suggestion of H.R.H minister of interior of legally rehabilitation by force of law as well as of judicial rehabilitation in non-dangerous crimes.

  4. The request of Ministry of Health to insert a further text of exposing violators of the practicing laws of medicine and dentistry, laws of private medical establishments, and practicing laws of pharmacology and pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trading.

  5. A draft agreement to implement rules, delegations and judicial declarations in GCC states.

  6. Setting inviolable areas of roads to be established in the future inside and outside cities.

  7. A request to ratify the regulation of real estate possession by GCC citizens, approved by the GCC supreme council in the (41) session held lately in Riyadh replacing the previous regulation.

  8. A request of H.R.H second deputy of prime minister and minister of defense and aviation and the chairman of the ministerial committee for environment pertaining No.3/5 to approve recommendations of ministerial committee of environment for the Kingdom to join the U.N framed agreement concerning climate changes.

  9. The request of H.E minister of finance to renew the agreement of double taxation pertaining to income taxes, inheritance taxes and estate taxes between Saudi Arabia and France.

  10. Request of minister of Higher Education to reconsider regulating rules stating that wives of scholar students and wives of employees abroad be members in Educational delegation.

  11. Commercial register draft law.

  12. Re-forming specialized cmmittees in the council.

  13. A request to ratify the bilateral agreement of reciprocal tax exemption on activities of air transport companies between Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

  14. Forming a special committee to consider intensification of punishments against Saudis marrying non-Saudis.

  15. Suggestions pertaining to measurements to be taken regarding foreign companies, which breach their obligations with the government.

  16. Request of Ministry of Defense to approve the amendment of article (103) of the officer’s service law in case of providing housing and food for the delegated officer inside and abroad.

  17. Authorizing H.R.H minister of foreign affairs or his deputy to sign by initials a general framed draft law to cooperate in the fields of economics, commerce, investment, art, culture, sport and youth with the government of Kazakhstan.

  18. A request of considering ratification of the general agreement of cooperation in economics, commerce, investment, art, culture, sport and youth fields between Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

  19. Ratifying an agreement of cooperation in economics, commerce, investment, and art between Saudi Arabia and Philippine.

  20. The request of H.E minister of petroleum and minerals to approve the basic draft law of the Saudi company for mining Ma’aden.

  21. Request of H.R.H minister of interior to study a draft law of renting furnished housing units and notes regarding them by some ministers.

  22. International Child rights draft agreement.

  23. A draft law of the telex facility, its services and fees.

  24. Discussing the address of the custodian of the two holy mosques.

  25. A request of approving the memorandum of understanding signed in Mecca between Saudi Arabia and Republic of Yemen.

  26. The security draft agreement between GCC states.

  27. Studying 6th development plan document (1994-1999).

  28. A Suggestion to impose fees on licenses of practicing public transport activities on land roads.

  29. A draft law of replacing imprisonment or paying.

  30. A draft law of Preventive conciliation from bankruptcy.

  31. A request of some officers, whom wives are non Saudis to include them in their family documents and suggestion of ministry of interior to permit marriage of some of them.

  32. Request of H.R.H minister of interior to consider the marriage of a Saudi male to non Saudi female and a non Saudi male to Saudi female.

  33. Request of Ministry of Defense for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join the document of establishing U.N center of environment and development for the Arab region and Europe.

  34. Request of H.R.H minister of interior to consider changing engines of pick up cars that have 2 exhaust pipes from 350 to 454 by some ill mannered individuals to use them in smuggling operations inside Saudi Arabia.

  35. Request of H.E minister of finance to approve the general agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

  36. A request of approving the cooperation draft agreement between Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia and in Tunisia.

  37. Request of Minister of Transport to approve the amendments of articles (16-17-19) of the Maritime Organization agreement of 1948 adopted by general meeting of International Maritime Organization in its 18th session.

  38. A draft law of fees for registering ships and floating units.

  39. Regulations to be applied on drivers who transport pilgrims and run away with cars under their disposal.

  40. Request of Ministry of Defense to amend articles (117-123) of officer’s service law.

  41. Request of ratifying the agreement of Arab civil aviation commission.

  42. A request for the kingdom to join the International Trade Agreement regarding species of animals and wild plants that are threatened to be extinct (cites).