Majlis Ash-Shura, 1365 A.H.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

From Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Faisal,

To His Honor, son Mansour, vice president of Majlis Ash-Shura

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings;

We read the annual report of Majlis Ash-Shura and its actions for the year 1364 A.H., submitted to us with the number 768 on 27/12/1364 A.H.

Because of good intentions and thanked efforts that the aforementioned council shows for the sake of public interest, we would like that you convey our gratitude to and confidence in the council and its members. This confidence makes us issue this command of renewing their term for another year beginning from next Moharram, 1365 A.H.

We ask Allah to grant you and them support and success for the benefit of the country and the people.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Member of the council, Shaikh Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Ghazzawy, delivered the following speech on behalf of Majlis Ash-Shura:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Your Glorified Excellency,

In the name of Allah and with his support, Majlis Ash-Shura receives its new session deeply feeling its critical responsibilities and great duties. What makes all members happy, proud, and grateful is that they are granted valuable trust by our glorified king, may Allah sustain his glory, victory, and support, and that they receive these important declarations by him orally. Those declarations are meant solely to attain luxury for the people, straightening their matters, and simplifying their lives. This has become a habit of his in all occasions.

The council received the directives of His Majesty in these matters, as well as in other distant purposes that aim to achieve his honest goals for the advancement of his country and people and their welfare in the fields of reforming, refreshment, and construction. The council started thinking, with sincere intention and great care, to show all that it thinks to be the shortest and safest ways to achieve these vital aims. It will be careful to submit its decisions and reports about them as early as possible, by the will of Allah.

The council is certain and at ease that it would achieve the greatest results, by the help of Allah, and then by the support of the government of his Majesty. It also hopes that all departments would perform their duties within their responsibilities. It asks Allah that He bestows His assistance and success upon all.

Your Excellency,

Like all other countries, this country has passed through the years of the Second World War. Yet it lived in peace and safety. It was only so slightly affected by it—thanks be to Allah and then to His Majesty, your glorified father, our exalted king—that it did not suffer as much neediness, disasters of destruction and woes of distress and misery as other countries – by favor of Allah and then due to his prudent policy and faultless steps. Not to mention the dexterity of his Majesty, this is not restricted to his nation that loyally likes him and is faithful to his ruling. It was a tangible proof and memorable evidence to the blessings of success, insight, sound opinion and correctness of actions he was granted.

Having peacefully passed these horrible times that quaked all over the world; it is our certain duty not to ignore reforming means in all facilities, departments and divisions. We have to start fulfilling every missing thing, reforming every distortion, and restoring all that seems to be out of order because of the war in accordance with laws and regulations, and the interest of the country.

Your highness:

This nation that enjoys a stretching peace and extending justice, through a fair firm attentive king that takes care of it, is bestowed support, advocacy and good results by Allah due to the king depending on Allah. This nation never stops expressing in all occasions that it is indebted to Allah and then to his Majesty of every goodness, advancement and success it has been achieving. It is the very nation that waits with insistence to pay back great rights and various duties it bears, within the authority, confidence and support granted by the Majesty of the king. By help of Allah, and in the light of what we have been receiving from his Majesty, and from his government in force, and within the authorities we have, we would do our best to serve our glorified king and treasured country, persistently, frankly, and evidently by the will of Allah.

Your highness:

The council would consider what is submitted to it carefully and thoroughly. It would not underestimate rights of departments and employees as much as it finds these employees and these departments deserving estimation and praise. On the contrary, it would be frank and using evidences available for every delinquency, negligence or misuse it sees in affairs and actions it views, in accordance with every valid law. It would apply measures without being one-sided or distinguishing, seeking the correct advice, and fulfilling the definite duty and peace of mind.

Our glorified Prince:

We beg you that you allow this council to be proud, and this nation to thank Allah and then its exalted king a lot for the commended international prestige it gained, for the memorable strong influence it has in international medium, for establishing diplomatic relations with governments and people of great nations, for defending the rights of Arabs and their borders, bringing them together and uniting their league, for training a formal force that is considered a superior model and a sound keystone for the prospective army, for sending scientific scholarships to institutes and universities and their adherence and commitment, and for spreading donations to poor and needy people in this hard time.

That’s why we beg your Eminency in happiness and joy that you be kind enough to convey our deepest feeling and loyalty and most honest faithfulness to the Majesty of our beloved king, on behalf of all the people due to the prestige, reputation and honor he grants us, and for the care, favor and compassion he bestows upon it. We pray for Allah that He sustains the life of his Majesty so that he could see the yields of what he sew to raise, please, and advance this nation, that He maintains the Excellency of glorified crown prince, and the Excellency of his delegate, that He brings the time of meeting his Majesty closer in full health, success and achievements, that He keeps on care and realization to his Excellency glorified Prince Mansour, that He cools the eyes of his Majesty with your honor, and the honor of your Prince Brothers, and all of his honorable family, Allah is with those who restrain themselves, and those who do good.

Then, his Excellency crown prince Saud ben Abdul Aziz delivered the following word:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

I ask Allah, glorified and exalted be He that He leads all of us to what He likes and get satisfied with. I appreciate the exertions by the council in the previous years. I congratulate it for the valuable trust it has from the Majesty of our glorified king.

In fact, the council was trusted in the past, and would be trusted in the future. We wish from Allah that you duplicate your efforts in future to what serves the nation, country and the glorified king.

Intentions of our glorified king towards achieving the advancement, peace and luxury of our country are evident. He exerted great efforts towards achieving the comfort of people and its vital interests employing his soul and precious things, may Allah sustain his glory.

We ask Allah that He surrounds him with His care, and to help us towards all the goodness.

We only want every reforming for this country that provides it with luxury, happiness and well fare. The most things we stick to is that there is no God but Allah, to foster the nation and to spread Islamic doctrines, correct faith, to pray on time, to enjoin virtues and forbid evil. Allah said in his Holy Book: “those who, if We establish them in the land, establish regular prayer and give regular charity, enjoin the right and forbid wrong: with Allah rests the end (and decision) of (all) affairs.

If Allah authorized us goodness in both world and hereafter, it is due to the word: there is no God but Allah, and due to maintaining this correct faith and straightforward doctrine.

In the word delivered by AlGhazawy on behalf of the council, he talked about the crisis. In fact it passed and we only suffered a little in comparison to what other countries suffered of poverty and neediness, Thanks be to Allah for that.

Now in the name of Allah, and on behalf of the Majesty of my glorified father, I inaugurate the 16th session of Ash-shura council. I ask Allah that he makes it of great goodness and blessing for the country and the nation, that He leads us to achieve what should be done. I wish it is one of the most important and good ones, by the will of Allah.