Majlis Ash-Shura, 1369 A.H

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

From Abdul Aziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Faisal,

To His Highness, Son Faisal,

Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you;

We reviewed the report submitted to us by Majlis Ash-Shura (no. 261 dated on 30/12/1368), which covers its achievements during the previous year.

We appreciate the good endeavors of the aforementioned Majlis, and its fruitful efforts in conducting the task entrusted to it.

Believing in the efficiency of the Majlis members and their keenness in carrying out their tasks, we have issued an order to extent their task for another year beginning from next Moharram, the Majlis should be informed regarding that.

I ask Allah for success and goodness for all.

Peace be upon you.

Thereafter, on behalf of Majlis Ash-Shura, member of the Majlis, Sheikh Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Ghazzawy, delivered the following speech.

Your Royal Highness, Deputy of His Majesty the King,

At the beginning of a new term of Majlis Ash-Shura, we should thank your royal highness sincerely for the precious trust granted to the members of the Majlis by His Majesty the King.

While this is one of the greatest honor and pride for us, we believe strongly that the reason behind this is the strong desire to serve the people and the country, and to exert all efforts to achieve development and progress under the leadership of His Majesty the King.

There is no exaggerating regarding the extent that the country has reached in terms of culture and development, fight against illiteracy and ignorance, spreading education, stimulate motivations, and the resurgence of activity in the various manifestations of the modern entity, although we admit that there are many long stages remaining ahead of us.

In fact, being in our religious and geographical excellent position, we should not be left behind other nations around us and our faith and merits, and we should not ignore what the world has become today regarding competition in all fields. We should not forget the major duties which are imperative for us to perform to reach the position which is consistent with the history of this glorified Arab people and the sanctity of those pure and blessed sites. Allah has granted The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uncountable graces….and the most important of which is that Allah has unified this country under the leadership of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal – the founder of this great Kingdom- may Allah help him and give him success. The horizons of knowledge have widened and the ways of living have paved for this country. It has marched consolidated in views approaching all fields of knowledge constantly seeking high positions with the help of Allah Almighty.

We thank Allah Almighty for the progress and harmony that have been achieved at the hands of His Majesty, for the schools and institutes and emission, for the respected and remarkable status among nations and peoples, for the wealth and treasures which have poured, and the upcoming development and recovery. By the help Allah, and then the guidance and wisdom of His Majesty, it will accomplish all aims of safety and hopes, as long as it is eager and seeking to do. Also, as long it is guided by the Holy Qur’an and the Authentic Sunnah, and following the directions of His Majesty the King.

There is no doubt that the nation has taken, by the help of Allah the Almighty, steps in the road of living a successful life, and it is sustained in the pursuit. It is serious in its renaissance, looking forward to tomorrow with stability, tranquility and faith, and if it is our right to be proud publicly of this Majlis with great satisfaction and gratifying, for it is very evident in the trend and renaissance undertaken by the Ministry of Defense and the powerful elements that feed the Saudi Arabian army and its various sectors, which carry flaunt and optimism. It is the vital symbol of this nation, and it is the arena which educated and ambitious young people should scramble in.

Your Highness,

We thank Allah Almighty that the Hajj rituals have completed this year, in the best way despite the large number of arrivals, and although that they the have arrived by land, sea and air from various parts of the world in a very short time, which is a privilege for this secure country.

Your Highness,

The Majlis is willing to exercise the authorities granted to it, with the same spirit and which is always derived from Allah Almighty then from the directives of His Majesty the King, His Crown prince and Your Highness. In fact, every work, project or idea that aim to invest efforts, progress the country and provide quality and prosperity for all people in the present and the future, to reach the highest levels; was initiated by His Majesty, he granted effort and money, and he facilitated all difficulties and obstacles.

Your Highness,

The Majlis is starting its new term, after completing 25 year, asking help from Allah Almighty to conduct all its duties, and at the same time hoping that all administrative and municipal councils all over the Kingdom will carry out their duties, and for the concerned departments to implement all projects that have been ratified. Also, the Majlis believes that all departments that have conducted many beneficial projects, especially in the scientific and agricultural field, which we hope to Which we hope to reap the benefits in the near future, especially those that are related to the pilgrimage and pilgrims, and hopes that these departments and agencies will resume their activities in completing the projects that they have started, and to begin the programs of this year in the upcoming months, before the beginning of the next season, with respect to the affairs of the pilgrimage, roads, post, telegram, telephone, police, public health, endowments, Municipality of the Holy Capital , municipalities or bodies of springs and water. Also, the authorized departments should double their efforts to provide private and government transportation means. There is sufficient time to conduct all these activities from the beginning and the end of every season, which is nine months. The Majlis is waiting to receive the details reports of the departments regarding what have been done and what should be done to study them. The Majlis is confident that it will receive from Your Highness, being the head of the government and the chairman of this Majlis and from His Majesty the King all support and encouragement. The Majlis will double its activity in following up the implementation of laws, which some of them may need more attention and accuracy.

We sincerely ask Allah Almighty to grant success to the government of His Majesty, so that this young and rising country will be a high example and a model in every manifestation of glory and prosperity.

In its upcoming session, the Majlis will discuss all what will be referred to it, and decide according to the public interest regarding topics and projects which the government intends to do. The Majlis will spare no effort in redressing all the necessary constructional and organizational works in the light of the urgent need, what the past experiences necessitate and what will accomplish the lofty goals envisaged by the Government of His Majesty, may Allah Almighty endures his pride and support. We pray to Allah Almighty to prolong the life of His Majesty the King, His Crown prince, Your Highness and all princes, and to grant success to all.

Then, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz delivered the following opening speech on behalf of His Majesty the King.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

Every year at the same day we meet to thank Allah Almighty for all the blessings that he bestowed on us, then to open a new era in the life of the country and the nation. There is no doubt that this era is an era of responsibilities and duties, which the ruler and the people share, and the official and the non-official share also. However, these responsibilities differ according to the various capabilities of the officials and non-officials. There is no need to clarify that the government of His Majesty the King, the Majlis and the people are bond with a strong brotherly, religious and national ties, and all other important ties, but as mentioned above the of each one has his responsibility and capability.

The responsibility of the Majlis is to carry out the directives, and to approve what is necessary for the progress of this country and the nation, and follow up the implementation, and to notice the deficiency of these laws, orders and resolutions.

The responsibilities of the government is to carry out all its duties, such as implementing all what have been approved, to seek reform in all various aspects, and to take the most successful ways to secure the purposes for which the laws were issued. The responsibility of the people is to assist the agencies entrusted with the implementation of these directives and orders, to reduce as much as possible the unnecessary works, the matters that are intended only to create confusion and allegations that have no benefit.

There is no doubt that if the efforts have combined the nation and the country, with help of Allah, then wise guidance of His Majesty and the diligence and dedication of all employees each in his field, will reach the aimed goals. The Government of His Majesty is continually aiming what is good for this country, whether in the internal or external level.

Regarding the internal policy of the Government of His Majesty, it concentrates on spreading education, expanding cities, providing health facilities as possible, approving and implementing projects which are useful for the country and the nation. No doubt that the boom in development is inevitable, but the most important of all matters is for the human to follow the right path with sincerity and perseverance.

In the previous years some progress has been achieved, although it is not what we hope, however it is better than not achieving anything. Regarding the health field, the budget and arrangements of the Department of Public Health has expanded.

In the education field, the Department of Education has expanded in opening new schools, completing the lack in classes, which was approved by the government. Two colleges were established this year by the encouragement of His Majesty. The two colleges are the Shariʻah College and the Arabic College, and actually the study in the Shariʻah College has begun starting from this month. Also, a college for military industries was established in Jeddah.

In the constructional field, some roads were established and the maintenance of other roads was completed. Preparations are ready to start the maintenance of Taif road and the road that connects the city with the airport (the start will be in this year by the help of Allah Almighty), and the maintenance of Jeddah/Medina road, and the expansion of the road between Mecca and Jeddah or establishing another line along with the existing line. Next year some roads may be opened to decrease the pressure and to facilitate traffic. Preparations are ready to construct some dams in Taif to preserve water, and we hope that the work will start next year.

In the transportation field, The General Department of Post and Telegraph brought the necessary equipments establish new telephone lines to link Mecca, Jeddah and Taif. We hope that the establishment of these lines will be next year, and I think that Director-General of Mail will achieve that.

On the external level, the policy of the Government of His Majesty the King is to consolidate and stabilize relations with the brotherly and friendly Arab countries. One week or two weeks ago, the Arab League summit was held, and important decisions were taken. The most important decision was joining the social insurance, which was presented by the Government of Egypt, and the proposal was welcomed and accepted by all Arab delegations. The Government of His Majesty the King has agreed initially to this proposal, which is currently reviewed by an ad hoc committee to study the details which will lead to the implementation stage. The Government of His Majesty is seeking to consolidate friendly relations with foreign governments, particularly Muslim and Arab, and it does not bare bad intentions toward anyone nor dose it accept that others bare bad intentions toward it. The Government of His Majesty is following a policy that it believes is a wise policy, which is to strengthen the friendly ties with every nation that seeks to establish friendship with the Government of His Majesty, acting sincerely to do so. The only purpose of the Government is to protect the independence and stability of this country.

After all we are all responsible, and we are all accountable.

I ask Allah Almighty to grant us all success in fulfilling our duties in serving this nation and country under the leadership of His Majesty, guided by his wise directives, praying to Allah Almighty to guide us to the right path.

Now, in the name of Allah then on behalf of His Majesty King, we inaugurate the Majlis’ new term, praying to Allah Almighty to grant it success in its work.